We encourage mothers who gave birth to their newborn to consider exercising in order to get back into shape and speed up their after-birth recovery. Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body and it may be difficult for mothers who were active runners before they conceded their child. The resting phase during the last few months before birth affects muscle tissue and leads to some degree of muscle loss. All that inactivity also leads to a buildup of fatty tissue in the woman’s body so it is understandable how some women continue their exercise routine soon after they give birth.

For moms who like running, the perfect way to enjoy their exercise can also include a time to be outdoors with their newborn child too. The jogging stroller offers the convenience of joining children and moms on the exercise day. Thanks to the construction of the jogger stroller , the child enjoys the runs even more than the mother. Suspension system provides a smooth ride quality during runsand needless to say, kids enjoy moving at higher speeds. Let’s go into detail on what to look out for when using a jogger stroller in order to ensure the safety of both you and your child.


Babies are very delicate and sensitive during their first year after birth and since their little bodies are still developing they need rest and sleep. Some children do not even tolerate rides in walking strollers at first. This is understandable as they will mostly only eat and sleep during the first five months of their lives. Mothers can return to their active exercise routines after a month after giving birth. Although, only light intensity training routine is advised at first.



First of all, almost all models of jogger strollers come with a locking mechanism for their front wheel(s). Make sure that the one you choose to buy has this function.

Forgetting to lock the front wheel(s) before your run can endanger both you and your child. Wobbly and unlocked wheel(s) can induce instability and might lead to serious injury.

exercise with a jogging stroller

Make sure that you kid is securely strapped with the five-point harness to the child seat. This ensures safe rides and keeps your loved one in one place during your runs.


Bring only essentials on your jogging session. Carrying heavy load in the jogger stroller storage space can make its motion unpredictable and unstable. Bring along only small water bottles.

When your child gets used to the walks in the regular stroller and reaches eight months of age then you can consider taking him or her on their first jogging session with you. We advise moms to keep their kids in a horizontal position in the jogger seats at first as this will provide the best support for their body.

They are fragile at such young age so the horizontal seat position will offer the lowest pressure on their back and neck during rides. Taking them out with you for an exercise will be fun for both and will make for some great memories too.