We are all aware that walks and exercises will feel good to mothers after pregnancy and especially after those last couple of months of mostly resting in bed. As soon as the baby is old enough to be taken outside, parents will have to adjust and rethink their exercise routines. The great thing about spending time outdoors with your newborn is that it is a healthy and a useful habit which benefits everyone in the family.

Going outside for a short walk or jogging is a great stress relief therapy after a busy day in the office or at home with the children. In this buyer’s guide, we will point out the advantages and traits of the jogger stroller that parents will choose so that they can continue their running exercise routine even when they are out with their newborn child.


Well, this is easy to answer, really. After a long period of pregnancy and so many changes to a mother’s body chemistry, it is suggested that a moderate exercise will help the body recover faster from the strains endured from giving birth. Mothers who led an active life and enjoyed running will be healthier with a simple jog once in a couple of days. Sure, the walking will achieve the same effect in longer distances however a short jogging session will increase muscle growth and improve strength and endurance. Also, the body will get back to the great shape it was in before the birth way faster.

A jogging stroller is specifically made to accommodate both types of activity. It works great for those relaxing walks with your newborn and it works even better when you go out on a run. Seeing how price difference is close to the regular stroller we think that having the ability to go out on a run with your child is more fun for both parents and kids.


The market is crowded with both high and low quality jogging strollers. Discerning the differences is sometimes not so easy since the clever marketing teams use terms to attract the attention of the buyers in order to distract them from the obvious product disadvantages. This seems to be a universal practice used for sales of many cheaper products in general.

First of all, make sure you choose a good build quality jogger stroller. This one is the most important for many obvious reasons. Believe it or not, there are actually jogger strolls which are mostly made of low-quality components that hold in one piece until the first run when they start to fall apart.

The online shopping sites are filled with negative feedback from angry buyers who experienced stroller malfunctions on their first or second jogging session. This mostly happens because low-quality springs and plastic components are used on critical spots that hold the jogging stroller together.

Jogging Stroller Buyer's Guide

Our advice is to buy strollers from well-known brands and to look out for aluminium and stainless steel made ones that have the least amount of plastic parts on them.

Next up, choosing the type of wheels on the running stroller. This one is an equally important feature since the wheel will be doing most of the work during your running session since it is carrying your toddler at the same time. Make sure to choose large and air-filled rubber tire equipped ones.

The larger tires move easier across a wide variety of terrain and are excellent for use on even surfaces and also perform great on rough roads and rocky paths should you choose to traverse them. They absorb most of the vibrations and shocks from running and they are super comfortable for your child.

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Wheels on the jogger should be attached to a suspension system in order to make the ride quality as smooth as possible. Exactly the same way they are used in other road vehicles. Without suspension, there would be nothing to absorb vibration and shaking coming from the contact from wheels and the surface you’re running over. This would be a stressful and an unpleasant experience for your child. With the suspension, there will be a smooth and a sort of a rocking feeling that will make your baby enjoy your jogging run even more.

All of these important features are useless without the stability during runs. In order to achieve a stable motion during movement, the jogging stroller must have a wide rear wheelbase and an extended front wheel(s) radius from the rear ones.

The joggers with wide spacing between the wheels are perfectly stable and will keep your child safe during your jogging sessions. Running with a stroller with a short wheelbase and small wheels can be extremely unsafe and can put both yourself and your child in danger.

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Harnesses are essential safety equipment as they will keep your kid secure during your runs. Most of the good jogger strollers come with five-point harnesses so make sure to choose a model which has one of those included.


Parking brakes are another important feature that will keep your child in place when you are both resting from the exercise. Jogger strollers move easily so it is vital that your model comes with a parking brake included.


• Solid construction with high-quality materials
• Large diameter rubber tires filled with air
• Suspension system is a must
• Harness for safety during runs
• Parking brakes
• Locking mechanism for the front wheel(s)
• Safety tethers
• Storage space for necessities
• Canopy for protection from weather

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Some other features to look out for on your jogger include additional storage space, removable wheels, a folding mechanism for easier storage and child seat position adjustments. Most of the models on the market come with most of these features included. We have to point out that doing running exercises while being outside with your newborn will be beneficial to both of you and it will feel good too. With this in mind, we hope that our guide will help you with buying your own jogging stroller.